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Ginger Root Tea: A Helpful Remedy

The use of ginger root began over 5,000 years ago when it was discovered for its medical uses. Often times it was and still is enjoyed as a tea for the many useful benefits that it can contribute to those that drink it. Many would agree that the lists of therapeutic benefits that are drawn out from drinking this brew sometimes seem limitless. Although ginger root is also used to flavor many exotic dishes, as a tea it is best known for the great remedial drink it provides which can also relieve a vast range of different ailments.

The Chemistry of Ginger Root

There are hundreds of different constituents in ginger root that make up for its beneficial qualities. One of its most prominent qualities is that it can aid with digestion. This is because it contains a helpful constituent known as zingbain. Studies have shown that even just one gram of zingbain can tenderize up to twenty pounds of meat. Through this we can see why it works to be so helpful in aiding with digestion. In fact, the powerful attributes of this enzyme can even offer an anti-bacterial effect on the body since it can help the body digest and rid itself of harmful bacteria and parasites in the digestive system.

Glycation end-products have been found in ginger as well, suggesting that it may help control diabetes more effectively. It's also been shown to have numerous blood thinning properties which makes it a strong candidate for doctors to recommend to patients who suffer from high cholesterol. Furthermore, new studies have located nine different compounds within ginger that seem to bind to human serotonin receptors just like many anxiety drugs. This seems to suggest that it may be able to lower anxiety levels, helping millions who deal with anxiety through all natural means instead of using more dangerous manmade drugs that have scores of side effects and risks associated with them.

Even More Benefits of Ginger Tea

These are just a touch of the many benefits that this great tea can offer. Ginger root tea can be used for a treatment of many diseases and illnesses such as asthma, rheumatism, and certain types of cancer. Another benefit is that it is also useful in relieving stress, since it has a relaxing effect on the body and the digestive system. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of ginger can also make this tea great for neutralizing bad breath as well. With such a long list of great uses for this tea, it’s no wonder why this tea is so frequently relied on by many people all over the world.

Additional Information on Ginger Root Tea

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With such a long list of great benefits to be found in ginger root tea it’s no wonder why this tea is a popular remedial choice among herbalists.